Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snapshot vs Annotation

Hmm its snapshot vs annotation ??
who will the winner be ??

well personally i am a visual person, i like to see things rather then read about them, but for the purpose of this website, maybe i need to re think about this one. Once a website has been correctly evaluated with annotations and so on, this information becomes a valuable tool in determining if the site is suitable for my needs. I can refer to this information read it and then it will give me a good idea about the website and refresh my memory. The snap shot on the other hand is good if i need to refer to a site that ive visited frequently and know pretty much inside out. But say for example i haven't been to that site for 6 months or more, i probably wouldn't remember what it looked like so the snapshot would have no effect.

Overall the annotations win out, they are simply the better way to reference websites so that if you do need it another time, all the information is available to you.

for external users wishing to use links, i believe a well defined annotation would prove more useful then a snapshot. But hence the key words WELL DEFINED. Poorly defined annotations will help no body :)

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