Friday, January 5, 2007

Media Players

I have never had quicktime player on my system in ages, so i thought i would download that again to see whats new in the new version. Reading the information at the site it sounded really good. The installation went well and it installed correctly, but again with this player i felt that it was oversized, with features i did not need. I explored around and watched a few .mov movies to check if it was working, and it was all fine. I figured the only reason why i would need a .mov player is to maybe play some trailers i had on my pc, other then i don't really have any of these file types on my computers. So i uninstalled the program. While i was on i noticed they had a program called quicktime alternative, now this program is around 12 meg in size smaller then the original quicktime, it still handles all .mov files and everything just like the original version, but a major benefit is that its free ware. So there was now reminder to upgrade to pro version like in the original. I definitely prefer this application over quicktime.

Also another program i thought i knew everything about was windows media player. Everybody knows that media player comes standard with windows xp, but what i didnt know is wmp 11 was out of beta stage and fully functional. So i downloaded this and installed it. I really liked it, the first impression by the new black skin is cool, features wise it still feels very similar to wmp 10 for example you have rip burn options, options to connect to the net etc i never use these features anyways. I'm guessing this is going to be stock media player for windows vista, and thats why it comes with that black skin. Overall it was a pretty good program it took a while to install but other then that its great.

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