Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site: A WordPress Example

This document was prepared by Michael Bergman of the Web Tools Company in September 2005. He is the author of one of the most popular Internet search guides and the original discoverer, researcher and educator on the Deep Web, another resource I have added to my resource project. This free 80-page PDF Guide links to 80 additional sources and covers more than 100 topics and how to tips ranging from installing software and plug-ins to design, styles and templates, and to organizational and effectiveness techniques (Boswell, 2007). The guide deals with approximately 100 individual “how to” blogging topics and lessons, all geared to the content-focused and not occasional blogger (Bergman, 2005). Overall this guide represents a very good guide into how to create and maintain a professional blog site. Information is clear and consistent within the entire article. It is a very comprehensive report hence why it is 80 pages long. It covers most issues associated with blogging, and I recommend as a good read for anyone interested in creating or maintaining a blog site.

Boswell, W (2007). Free Comprehensive Guide To Blogging Released By Michael Bergman. Retrieved January 23, 2007, Web site:

Bergman, M (2005). Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site: A WordPress Example. Retrieved January 23, 2007,from

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