Thursday, November 30, 2006

IRC Task

My response to the question: IRC is like a big chat room that people join and then users can talk to other users through the main channel window or talk to them privately. MSN on the other hand uses the users email address and if given out, people can then talk with that specific user, but only if they have given them their email address. I prefer to use msn, because I know who I give my email address out to, and they are mostly my friends who are in my contact list.

To the right is the login screen of windows messenger. Once you login it will direct you to the contact list and from their you can start chatting.

Here is an example of what mIRC looks like, there is a chat room, with users in it, and users can chat to one another either in private or publically to the whole room.

Newsgroup Task

Subject: Re: PCI vs USB vs FireWire?
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 05:44:21 -0000
Theoretically usb should have no problems with carrying the sound
Signal, but it does have a slight performance issue. Fire wire on the
Other hand is faster then usb but not by much. PCI is the best choice
At the moment, but in the future who knows what it will be like.
I mean there alot of people out there who use usb devices and have no
issues, so really the choice is yours

This is a post i posted about usb vs firewire devices, i was following this newsgroup for a couple of days and then i decided to post some information :)

I have found this website which contains useful information regarding newsgroups, i found it very useful as i havent had much experience with newsgroups before. There are screendumps which also help to dictate how they work.


E-mail Tasks Q7

7. Are there certain kinds of communication or purposes more suited to one than the other?

Email lists would probably be more suited to sell products or advise customers about new products, discussion boards are most suited for people who want to talk about a particular topic for example the soccer match on the weekend.

E-mail Tasks Q6

6. What are the pros and cons of email lists versus discussion boards?

An email list is a list of email addresses, usually of a group of people who use email to hold discussions about pre-determined topics or areas of interest. When one user sends an email to the list, each member receives a copy and may choose to read, respond, or ignore that message. While a discussion board is an online bulletin board where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left. Email lists have information sent to your email and then you can choose to read it or reply to it. A negative aspect about it is that it’s not real time and you could wait a while for a response if you do choose to reply. I’ve noticed that email lists spam a lot so this is another negative feature. Discussion boards are not real time either, but if both users are online then the reply could be much faster. Discussion boards are great because you sign up for one that is specific in your area for example sport, and there will be many other sports members already there. So if you leave a question the other members could reply back to you with their knowledge and expertise.

E-mail Tasks Q5

How have you organised the folder structure of your email and why?

I have created folder for various different types of email messages I receive, for example work, music, and general, I have done this because I do not like having to sort out my mail. All my work mail goes in one spot so I can find it with ease.

this site i found was pretty useful in identifying different programs and how to organize mail using them

E-mail Tasks Q4

What sorts of filters or rules do you have set up, and for what purpose?

Filters are used to sift through mail and route messages to appropriate mailboxes automatically. I personally have some set up where the subject line is related to work, and or music.

i found this site which better explains what email filtering is

E-mail Tasks Q3

In what ways can you ensure that an attachment you send will be easily opened by the receiver?

Send the attachment as a plain text file, because they can be opened on any computer regardless of speed or additional software

E-mail Tasks Q2

In what cases would you find it useful to use the 'cc', 'bcc' and 'reply all functions of email?

Cc is used when you want to send a copy of the message to someone
Bcc is used when you want to send a blind copy of the message to someone without other recipients knowing about it.
Reply to all would be used when you want your reply to be sent to every person listed as a recipient of the original message.

E-mail Tasks Q1

What information about a user's email, the origin of a message, and the path it took, can you glean from an email message?

From an email message you can see the user’s username and their domain; this is where the message originated from for example Also you can see who it is addressed to, for example
In what cases would you find it useful to use the 'cc', 'bcc' and 'reply all functions of email?


This is a traceroute all up 18 hops from the tools site to the curtin website, with 243 milliseconds.

Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name
1 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
3 0 0 0
4 1 1 1
5 1 1 1
6 2 1 1
7 37 37 37
8 37 88 37
9 198 198 199
10 194 195 195
11 206 207 216
12 216 224 216
13 243 243 244
14 243 243 243
15 243 243 243
16 243 243 243 -
17 243 243 243
18 243 243 243

Trace complete ip address:


Everything worked fine; I used FILEZILLA as my ftp client

I got this program from a site
this is a great site for a lot of free application, its always up to date and has the latest versions of each program



The task went smoothly I was able to log in to the site provided and find information on books by Bennahum.

There were 2 entries by this author, I sent them to my curtin email address but I have not yet received the mail, maybe it takes time, I will update later.

Self test answer: Managed Care: financial, legal and ethical issues