NET 11 - Internet Studies

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

resource prj

Leech R. Internet ethics : morality for an online world. [online]. Teacher; n.172 p.14-17; August 2006. Availability:;dn=154066;res=AEIPT

This article is taken from Teacher magazine in august 2006. The author of this article is Mr R Leech. This article deals with a number of issues, including plagiarism and piracy and other ethical issues involving the internet. I found this article useful at highlighting important issues that many people do not consider. For example ethical arguments about school students who are trying to get ahead at school but cannot afford the latest math’s program. These types of questions really get the reader to think about moral issues in regards to piracy and issues of those types. Overall the article is a well balanced non biased opinion put forward by R Leech. It was very stimulating and interesting read as I myself am becoming a teacher.
Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet

This document again is prepared by Micheal Bergman. It is a 62 page PDF document containing information relating effective internet searching and was last revised in May 6, 1998. This guide is organized to proceed from the basics to more advanced topics. It has 12 parts containing 48 topics (Bergman, 1998). This document deals various topics including internet search basics, boolean operators, advanced operators, using filters and things to avoid when searching the internet. Overall the guide is very informative and useful, especially for those people who need assistance to search the internet effectively. Even though it was published in 1998 the information within the guide is still valid and credible. It is a valuable resource as searching the internet is completely different to finding information in a library; there are methods that need to be incorporated for effective searching. I found it extremely useful, like most of the other articles published by Michael Bergman.

Bergman, M (1998). Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet. Retrieved January 23, 2007

Resource Project prt2

Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site: A WordPress Example

This document was prepared by Michael Bergman of the Web Tools Company in September 2005. He is the author of one of the most popular Internet search guides and the original discoverer, researcher and educator on the Deep Web, another resource I have added to my resource project. This free 80-page PDF Guide links to 80 additional sources and covers more than 100 topics and how to tips ranging from installing software and plug-ins to design, styles and templates, and to organizational and effectiveness techniques (Boswell, 2007). The guide deals with approximately 100 individual “how to” blogging topics and lessons, all geared to the content-focused and not occasional blogger (Bergman, 2005). Overall this guide represents a very good guide into how to create and maintain a professional blog site. Information is clear and consistent within the entire article. It is a very comprehensive report hence why it is 80 pages long. It covers most issues associated with blogging, and I recommend as a good read for anyone interested in creating or maintaining a blog site.

Boswell, W (2007). Free Comprehensive Guide To Blogging Released By Michael Bergman. Retrieved January 23, 2007, Web site:

Bergman, M (2005). Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site: A WordPress Example. Retrieved January 23, 2007,from

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Resource Project

I found this website to be quite useful in identifying the basics relating to ftp. It’s great for beginners who do not have prior knowledge about ftp, as it gives them a starting point into how everything works. The information provided is clear and concise, there are also screenshots accompanying the information to give users a better understanding. The site does not provide the author but the information within the site is reliable as it’s sponsored by a well known piece of ftp software. Not to say the website is biased, though it does provide a tutorial on how to use their software correctly. Overall the website is easy to read and easy to follow. It provides a basic introduction into ftp, useful for people who no prior knowledge of ftp.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snapshot vs Annotation

Hmm its snapshot vs annotation ??
who will the winner be ??

well personally i am a visual person, i like to see things rather then read about them, but for the purpose of this website, maybe i need to re think about this one. Once a website has been correctly evaluated with annotations and so on, this information becomes a valuable tool in determining if the site is suitable for my needs. I can refer to this information read it and then it will give me a good idea about the website and refresh my memory. The snap shot on the other hand is good if i need to refer to a site that ive visited frequently and know pretty much inside out. But say for example i haven't been to that site for 6 months or more, i probably wouldn't remember what it looked like so the snapshot would have no effect.

Overall the annotations win out, they are simply the better way to reference websites so that if you do need it another time, all the information is available to you.

for external users wishing to use links, i believe a well defined annotation would prove more useful then a snapshot. But hence the key words WELL DEFINED. Poorly defined annotations will help no body :)

The Learning Site

is the website i wish to evaluate, after going through the tutorial it made me ask some key questions about the site.

Purpose: I have found out that primary purpose of the site is not for it to be advocacy site, yet rather its a information site because this site is not designed to promote a specific viewpoint, it offers a wide range of information on the topic.

Author: The author of the site is Angela Elkordy she has had appropriate education and training so it seems.
Formerly: Assistant Professor, Librarian & Coordinator of Electronic Resources, The Sage Colleges, Albany & Troy, NY

Content: The content does not seem biased, it states what it claims a tutorial on web searching.

Coverage: The website was last updated in 2000, but the information that appears on the site is all relevant, there are other sites around that have tutorials and lessons on web searching, but i found after using this site, it was very easy to follow and understand and therefore i preferred it over the other sites.

Recognition: It doesn't have any formal awards on the page, but the whole site is very useful for people who want to use the internet effectively, and also for people who are studying net11 :)