Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Leech R. Internet ethics : morality for an online world. [online]. Teacher; n.172 p.14-17; August 2006. Availability:;dn=154066;res=AEIPT

This article is taken from Teacher magazine in august 2006. The author of this article is Mr R Leech. This article deals with a number of issues, including plagiarism and piracy and other ethical issues involving the internet. I found this article useful at highlighting important issues that many people do not consider. For example ethical arguments about school students who are trying to get ahead at school but cannot afford the latest math’s program. These types of questions really get the reader to think about moral issues in regards to piracy and issues of those types. Overall the article is a well balanced non biased opinion put forward by R Leech. It was very stimulating and interesting read as I myself am becoming a teacher.

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