Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Academic Searching

Well after the last couple of excerises on searching i got quite interested about this whole topic, i never relised how in depth it actually goes. This is very useful for me as a uni student as basically the only search engine i was using to do my study was google. Sure google is fine but as i and im sure many of you have noticed alot of links on google are complete rubbish.

so for academic research i have found out about indexes and databases. Now what they are is basically a huge collection of articles, jounals, magazines etc. Most of the entires are from credible sources and using the search engine they are easy to find.

The only problem i have had with databases is that you must be registered with a university to access them, so i mean that was no problem for me.

Here is a site that you do not need to log into to access

Search a bibliographic database of more than 1.1 million citations on education topics going back to 1966. Over 100000 full text available for free.

anyways hope this helps someone, it sure has helped me, i know where to look now for credible information.

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