Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Learning Site

is the website i wish to evaluate, after going through the tutorial it made me ask some key questions about the site.

Purpose: I have found out that primary purpose of the site is not for it to be advocacy site, yet rather its a information site because this site is not designed to promote a specific viewpoint, it offers a wide range of information on the topic.

Author: The author of the site is Angela Elkordy she has had appropriate education and training so it seems.
Formerly: Assistant Professor, Librarian & Coordinator of Electronic Resources, The Sage Colleges, Albany & Troy, NY

Content: The content does not seem biased, it states what it claims a tutorial on web searching.

Coverage: The website was last updated in 2000, but the information that appears on the site is all relevant, there are other sites around that have tutorials and lessons on web searching, but i found after using this site, it was very easy to follow and understand and therefore i preferred it over the other sites.

Recognition: It doesn't have any formal awards on the page, but the whole site is very useful for people who want to use the internet effectively, and also for people who are studying net11 :)

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