Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet

This document again is prepared by Micheal Bergman. It is a 62 page PDF document containing information relating effective internet searching and was last revised in May 6, 1998. This guide is organized to proceed from the basics to more advanced topics. It has 12 parts containing 48 topics (Bergman, 1998). This document deals various topics including internet search basics, boolean operators, advanced operators, using filters and things to avoid when searching the internet. Overall the guide is very informative and useful, especially for those people who need assistance to search the internet effectively. Even though it was published in 1998 the information within the guide is still valid and credible. It is a valuable resource as searching the internet is completely different to finding information in a library; there are methods that need to be incorporated for effective searching. I found it extremely useful, like most of the other articles published by Michael Bergman.

Bergman, M (1998). Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet. Retrieved January 23, 2007

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